French Army Recruits People Using a Virtual Soldier

After 12 months on the field in Guyana, Commander DUPONT is back to the French Army Website to recruit more than 10,000 new soldiers in 2016!
Commander Dupont, Virtual Recrutiter for the French Army

His mission: answering 100% of the questions posed by thousands of daily visitors!
Available 24/7, Commander DUPONT answers the visitors questions about training conditions, tests, salary, risks, necessary skills, and more… Commander DUPONT is a virtual Assistant based on the Living Actor™ technology. Anytime a question is too specific or misunderstood or if the virtual system judges it’s necessary, Commander DUPONT transfers the conversation to a human agent through a live chat session.
Embody the diversity of French Army
The visitors of the site interact with one of 5 possible versions of the Commander DUPONT’s avatar. These different 3D animated avatars represent the diversity of the French Army men and women who are all united by the same values.

These avatars are Gallery characters from the Living Actor™ gallery. They have been customized to fit the project and Website.