Thomas, Intelligent Virtual Agent for Natixis, Wins 2016 CRM Award.

Living Actor™ is proud to announce the receipt of the first place award for “Thomas, at Natixis Bank, as the Miss / Mister Client 2016. The award was presented on April 12 in Paris, France.

Mister Client 2016-Natixis Bank

With a score of 4.75 out of 5, Thomas hits the highest score ever achieved by an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) also called Chatbots or Avatars. The evaluation was based on the following criteria, efficiency, dialogue quality, response time, and the IVA’s features.
Thomas, a Virtual Agent created by Living Actor™ for Natixis Bank, won first place, ahead of two other IVA’s, also provided by Living Actor™ among this year’s 39 competitors.
Thomas is an excellent advisor” says Pauline Peychperou, Director of the Master MOI of Western Paris University. “He listens my questions and really understands my needs, He is very competent and efficient.
Pauline adds “[…] beyond its competence skills, that is essential to re-engage the user, Thomas is one of the few agents that demonstrate benevolence towards customers. In the academic literature, the concept of benovolence is the desire to do good and the desire to protect users’ interests (even before those of the merchant). This goes far beyond responding to specific questions as it integrates the idea of taking care of the customer, even if it is not directly profitable for the company. This dimension clearly distinguishes the best agents to customers.