The HR chatbot, a tool bound to evolve

The digital transformation has a growing impact on businesses. Human resources are at the heart of this transformation. The need to support and integrate digitalization is an important challenge for any company’s HR department. The HR Chatbot is a digital embodiment of the evolution of collaborative modes and communications in companies.
Chatbots are computer programs capable of communicating information in conversation. Often embodied by a virtual character, chatbots are able to respond naturally to questions they are asked. Their potential for increased intelligence and interpersonal skills simplify access to information and inspire trust.

HR ChatbotHR Chatbot – what benefits can we expect?

Living Actor will be present to chair a round table debate entitled “HR Chatbot – what benefits can we expect?”, to be held during the Sopra HR Software Conference on “Artificial Intelligence and Bots for HR?” on March 23 at 9:45am.


Allowing time for dialogue

A chatbot is an innovation to support HR strategies. Responsive HR support is particularly sought after in most companies. Time and availability are usually at a premium in most HR departments. Therefore responsive HR representatives, with an ear for managerial actions, aware of economic stakes, and the ability to be informed about all the hot issues yet able to keep a cool head – what a mission!
A chatbot is a genuine HR assistant, offering the benefit of reducing low added-value transactions.

Automating to help tackle the change

A virtual agent, able to grasp 90% of questions, provides responses rarely requiring human intervention. When needed, it offers escalation toward the most appropriate assistance channel. Chatbots – when integrated in the company “ecosystem” – streamline dialogues, enrich collaborations, and enable real productivity increase.

Chatbots – now we’re talking!

Integrated within HR processes, chatbots provide a first level response in real-time. They offer fast, understandable access to relevant information. They enable a simplified and attractive route to:

  • Take the social temperature
  • Inform about labor law
  • Manage schedules
  • Automate recruitment processes
  • Scout for talent
  • Source and follow-up candidates
  • Organize online surveys
  • Conduct training sessions
  • Assess performance
  • Assist with administrative tasks

Automating to become better listeners

Chatbots, by assisting HR departments with repetitive, time-consuming tasks that do not offer any real added-value, pave the way for stakeholders – by enabling them to respond better to what is at stake in terms of collaboration, training, and organization. These virtual assistants give peace of mind and free up time that can be dedicated to more in-depth tasks, such as a focus on career goals, advice, communication, and internal organization. Chatbots are futuristic dialogue tools, and much more than merely the automation of an HR function.
Chatbots meet digital expectations of new generations who have a more “conversational” approach in the work place, tend to prefer virtual tools in professional relations, and who are in favor of intuitive and illustrative communication channels.

Living Actor’s HR Chatbots

Living Actor develops relational intelligence tools to provide “enhanced” management of human resources. A dashboard enables departments to drive HR processes and improve relationships. Livingactor’s HR Chatbots have strong analytical skills, particularly in the semantic and lexical fields, and offer a genuine relational intelligence, fueled by a knowledge base combined with evolving, unlimited scenarios!

A 3D avatar to humanize HR

Chatbots may be animated with an avatar. Avatars offer an additional opportunity to “humanize” a HR function that could, in its automation process, be perceived as lacking humanity. The avatar, as the HR chatbot interface, gives a “living”, interactive brand, a human interface that improves dialogue, stimulates collaborations, and acts on requests for information. Various audiences within companies are familiar with interactivity and crave digital functionalities, even more so when these are embodied in a modality that “speaks for itself.” The avatar conveys a brand, or image, consistent with the company culture: modern, practical and intuitive.

What benefits to expect from HR chatbots?
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