Tax withholding: a turnkey chatbot is waiting for you!

There’s no doubt that the new income tax withholding regulations scheduled to go into effect in France in January 2019 will give rise to a thousand-and-one questions within your company. The attention of your HR managers will most likely be focused on this matter for some time. To guide you through this transitional period, Living Actor and Sopra HR have developed a turnkey chatbot devoted to the topic of tax withholding. Let’s take a closer look.

Why a turnkey chatbot?

It’s very likely that the new income tax withholding regulations, which will affect all French companies, are generating numerous recurring questions on the part of employees, HR managers and clients. A chatbot can answer them instantaneously, conveniently and effectively. However, the implementation of such a tool requires time, resources and skills that you may not necessarily have available.
This is the reason why a ready-to-use chatbot was developed with a single goal: to facilitate the implementation of the new tax withholding regulations for all companies. In addition to fulfilling a specific, specialized need, its rapid deployment guarantees simplified handling in order to better anticipate internal inquiries.

A chatbot dedicated to tax withholding: what are the specifics?

A chatbot that’s an expert on the matter

This new chatbot has a knowledge base encompassing all topics related to tax withholding: the general characteristics, paystub management, tax withholding calculation, discrepancies and adjustments, tax declarations, collections and surcharges, occupation reporting, “net payable” and “net taxable” salary, and much more. There’s no area it hasn’t mastered!
In order for this assistant to be effective, its knowledge base is continuously enriched by the experts at Sopra HR. Thus, it’s adapted to current circumstances and capable of handling unusual questions!

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A customizable chatbot

This turnkey chatbot is a full-fledged virtual assistant:

  • Endowed with a genuine personality, it’s expressive and capable of transmitting emotions, which is one of the qualities that makes humanized relations possible.
  • Configurable, it redirects users to the internal team of experts when it can’t answer a question.
  • Regularly supplemented by specialists, it stays up to date throughout its life cycle.

Rediscover the Chatbot Manager, your virtual assistant’s indispensable coach!

A transitory chatbot

Intended to respond to inquiries regarding the new tax withholding regulations, the chatbot is only temporary. It will be in service from September 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Easily accessible through a custom link, it will be hosted on the Living Actor and Sopra HR servers and will require no implementation costs.
Please note: Since all French companies are affected, different versions will be available, depending on the number of employees.
A turnkey chatbot dedicated to tax withholding is here to help you anticipate the questions and concerns generated by this major fiscal change. In the process, it will give your teams an opportunity to try out a virtual assistant. Everything you need to make this transition as seamless as possible!


Photo credit: Pexels / Tookapic