IT Support: 5 Reasons to Hire a Chatbot

Your staff needs help to overcome the (often recurring) difficulties related to the implementation of new software and working tools. The result? An explosion in helpdesk calls, overwhelming your IT teams. Discover 5 ways the implementation of a chatbot can relieve your IT support staff, while boosting the quality of your internal communications.

1. Upgrade IT service to better respond to employee needs

Your staff believes—and rightly so—that the IT Department is responsible for the proper functioning of the equipment. When they contact the helpdesk, it’s usually because their work has come to a standstill and they need an urgent response. Therefore, even a slight delay or an incomprehensible explanation from an off-shore operator can be disastrous. So it’s no surprise that IT support often has a bad reputation within a company.
The adoption of a chatbot responds to the employees’ need for interactions that are efficient, instantaneous and available 24 hours a day. With its help, IT support is transformed into customer service and, as a result, improves its image.

2. Analyze needs in real time to optimize service

To improve the relevance of its responses, a virtual assistant analyzes user inquiries, drawing lessons from them in order to improve future interactions. Thanks to a large amount of statistical data, it can analyze user needs (for example, based on the questions that are most frequently received by the IT Department) and implement improvements to increase its effectiveness.
Recurring problems may lead to modification of business processes or even the implementation of ad hoc training, all in view of improving employee satisfaction.

3. Improve user satisfaction

Receiving an immediate response, including during evenings and weekends, is an important factor when it comes to employee satisfaction. This is why 85 percent of the users of CloE, the Caisse d’Épargne banking group’s virtual assistant, recommend her to their colleagues, while more than 60 percent of the clients of ÉS Énergie Strasbourg affirm that the electric company’s chatbot, Elsa, was able to resolve their problem.

4. Reduce helpdesk call volume

The efficiency of a chatbot also translates into a reduction in the number of inquiries made to the helpdesk. Employees can quickly find an answer to their simplest—and often most urgent—questions with the virtual assistant’s help. The Portuguese commercial bank Millennium BCP has observed a 30 percent decrease in calls less than six months after implementing their chatbot.

A chatbot supporting personnel – Discover the case of Millennium BCP

5. Lower the operating costs of IT support

As we’ve seen, the deployment of a chatbot has a direct impact on reducing the number of calls to IT support, as well as the volume of helpdesk tickets awaiting a response. Thus, the chatbot frees up time for the IT teams to more effectively manage complex inquiries and those with greater value added. In the end, you get users who are happy with the service they receive, on top of considerable savings for the company!
A chatbot integrated into your IT Department plays more than a supporting role: it also opens an internal communications channel that’s both effective and innovative. Accessible from employees’ computer terminals, the conversational robot responds to inquiries in real time and can even inform teams during computer incidents, thus preventing numerous calls for assistance! Would you like to find out if this approach can be adapted for use in your IT Department? Contact Living Actor to discuss it.