Get the ball rolling: start the conversation

Don’t wait for your visitors to ask you a question.

Surprise them! With the help of predefined conditions and your knowledge base, our chatbots will initiate the conversation at key points during the customer experience, providing personalized notifications and content that’s adapted to your users.

Provide the right responses

Giving the right response at the right moment is the key to effective customer relations and improved conversion rates.

Once the conversation is initiated, your chatbot will detect the intentions of your visitors.

Based on pre-defined scenarios and decision trees, it will qualify the inquiries to facilitate browsing, directing your prospects toward the right pages and guiding their actions.

Make your customers happy

A happy client is more likely to come back again and again.

With our conversational technologies, you increase customer satisfaction by being available 24/7 in order to offer immediate operational assistance with any post-sales service matter.

Login, receipt of payment, delivery… All of the responses are delivered instantaneously by your bot.

Our tips for boosting customer relations

What if you could enhance your customer experience?