Personal Information: Optimize Your CRM with a Chatbot!

Chatbots bring two types of data into play: those you feed them and those they generate themselves.¹ It’s this second type that elevates your virtual agent from a simple automatic response tool to one of your company’s vital organs. By analyzing user reactions and responses, your bot can refine its skills and offer increasingly individualized experiences. In this sense, it’s (already) the tool of the future.

Chatbots in continuous improvement

Once set on course, your bot compiles significant amounts of data, stemming from its multiple interactions with users. These interactions represent a valuable source of knowledge on your personnel, clients and partners—knowledge that can be used in countless ways.
The analytical power of a chatbot doesn’t stop with “cold” data (questions asked, words used, personal information supplied, etc.). It’s also capable of deciphering emotions, attitudes and even intentions. Through their choices in vocabulary, syntax and intonation, users supply the bot with essential information.
Thus, your chatbot becomes a supplemental module of your CRM platform by helping you get to know your employees and clients better. That is, as long as it’s paired with effective analytical software!

Information and the GDPR

The presence of such an avalanche of data raises questions as to its protection, especially with the recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation—the famous GDPR.
Not content to simply supply you with a mountain of data on your clients and personnel, your virtual agent now assures you of maximum security in compliance with the regulations. For example, Living Actor guarantees that your data is hosted locally—and therefore securely—in France. You can accumulate the information in your CRM platform without risk, knowing that it’s in good hands!

(1) Christophe Tricot, « Les chatbot, véritables chefs d’orchestre de vos données », Siècle Digital, 5 décembre 2017.