Mini-Book – HR Chatbots: Everything You Need to Know

Digital transformation takes a bottom-up approach. It arises from the needs expressed by employees, who transform their working environment into a digital workplace. These new tools and methods, in turn, further transform the ways in which the employees work. In order to better respond to these new digital challenges, this virtuous cycle must be guided and supported by your HR services. And your chatbot is the key to the success of this process.

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The expectations of the new workforce

HR Chatbots: employee's opinionFed on the internet and supplemented by digital tools, the employees of today have new needs and new expectations. In terms of internal communications, they demand mobility and flexibility, as well as interactions that are instantaneous, effective and responsive. That’s the price of making your company more attractive and satisfying in the eyes of young talent.

The role of HR services

To respond to these needs, digital transformation is indispensable and inevitable. It’s being implemented in every company. But to be relevant, it has to build stronger relationships between employees and the HR Department: it all begins there, with communication that’s more fluid and more efficient.

Chatbots as the mainspring of the digitalization process

Chatbot RH : la clé de votre transformation digitaleThe core relationship between HR and personnel is based on redundancy. Eighty percent of the questions addressed to the HR Department by employees are recurring. It’s a matter of obtaining quick, concrete answers regarding time off, payment stubs or expense reports, requesting ongoing training, finding out about opportunities for development and so on.
Your chatbot can easily handle these types of inquiries, while also responding to the three overarching needs of the new breed of employee: immediacy, efficiency and availability! In short, your HR chatbot must be the linchpin of your digital transformation.
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