Living Actor™ Virtual Assistant Nora is at the heart of the 2016 UEFA European Championship

The 2016 UEFA European Championship is taking place in 10 cities across France including Bordeaux. Keolis Bordeaux, the TBC (train and Bus public transport network that serves all 28 municipalities in the Bordeaux Urban Community, is poised to support the influx of visitors with Nora, their virtual assistant. Nora answers visitors’ questions at From timetables and routes to lost items, she leads about 10,000 conversations every month with users of public transport in the city.
InfoTBC Euro 2016
Every year since 2013 Nora has supported events such as Bordeaux’s Médoc Marathon and the International Fair. Nora now also advises visitors of Euro 2016 on specific fees, route modifications, or any other information in connection with the event. To better support international travelers to Bordeaux, Nora interacts in English and French. She further anticipates users’ needs by adapting to major events scheduled for the area. Shortcuts on her interface can provide quick access and guidance to specific event information in one click.
Nora is another example of how Living Actor™ virtual assistants compliment public services and offer a viable commercial solution for self-care support for tourism and large-scale events.