Certified consultant

You would like to work with the Living Actor teams and develop your digital transformation skills & your experience in setting up
Virtual Assistants.

Business provider

You would like to act as a referral partner and provide to your customers the technologies that best meet their needs.

Authorized reseller

You would like to undertake sales, implementation projects, perform post-mission services and support for the Living Actor Assistant™ solution.

Consulting partner

You would like to offer digital transformation and implementation services to our clients, and you have specificities in certain sectors / markets.

Why Partner with LIVING ACTOR ?

  • Stand out from your competitors by implementing the optimal
    Virtual Assistant solution.
  • Benefit from the latest features of the Living Actor Assistant ™
    solution and be the first to know what’s coming.
  • Join an international network of partner companies; amongst
    which are the largest in the digital transformation sector.
  • Become the partner of the French pioneer of chatbots!

Get Living Actor Certified

  • The Living Actor certification allows your technical or functional
    specialists to become members of the Living Actor network of partners.
    It allows you to perform sales or services (training, implementation and
    support) on our behalf.
  • The certification consists of two modules:
    • The first module, allows you to understand the basics, issues and methodology for the implementation of the Living Actor.
    • The second module, allows you to  acquire all the necessary skills to set up, update, configure, install and do basic support for the Living Actor.