Optimize your support costs

Your helpdesk is swamped with calls because your users need assistance. Offer them immediate responses to their most common IT questions.

You’ll not only end up reducing the helpdesk call volume by approximately 30 percent, but will also lower your costs, while providing some much-needed relief to your IT team.

Get the conversation started

With a chatbot, communication is no longer one-sided. It’s your move! Initiate the conversation and communicate with your users in a way that’s tailored to their needs. How?

Your knowledge base, which is regularly updated by your bots, makes it possible to prompt notifications, resulting in a different kind of communication that’s direct and personalized.

Surprise your users and remove the barriers between them and your IT Department.

Put a smile on your users’ faces

Give your users what they expect: a clear, immediate response to their problem.

With the support of extensive data, our AI increases efficiency by analyzing users’ needs and addressing their questions in a personalized way, either providing an immediate response or redirecting them to the appropriate department.

You’ll not only make your users happy, but will also reinforce the positive image of your internal services.

Moving toward IT management 3.0

Demonstrate your role as the driving force behind the digitalization of your organization.

Conversational chatbots and their integration through APIs, web services and other interfaces will help promote an image of IT management 3.0.

In the midst of your digital transformation, you’ll illustrate your role as a facilitator and leader in all matters related to technology.

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