Effectively animate the user experience

Your chatbot will receive users’ inquiries in natural language and will guide and support them until they’re satisfied. Whether by responding directly or by escalating the inquiry to a human operator, creating a helpdesk ticket, a contact request or going directly to live chat.

All with the goal of optimizing the user experience!

Manage your chatbot with ease

Our management platform has been designed to be easy to operate, ergonomic and completely user-centric.

It allows you to direct a full range of omnichannel features, including content creation, statistics, personalization and more.

You’ll master it in no time!

Integrate Living Actor into your tools

A chatbot should be able to adapt to the existing digital ecosystem. That’s why Living Actor technologies and AI are based on open systems.

Our API connects with your tools and applications, like ticketing, CRM, databases and external web services.

Get to know your users

Responding to your users is good, but getting to know them is even better.

Take advantage the data they submit, which is stored in your dashboard, to continuously improve your knowledge base.

Create your own KPIs and analyze the data to boost the performance of your chatbot.

Adapt the user experience

Living Actor adapts to your users—not the other way around. How?

By proposing a chatbot interface, avatar or voicebot, available on multiple communication devices and channels, including mobile apps, desktops and websites.

So you can offer your clients and employees an experience that’s tailored to their usage habits.

We’ll show you our platform !