[Infographic] My Life as an HR Chatbot!

Your chatbot is a full-fledged member of your team! Like its flesh-and-blood colleagues, it has to assume numerous tasks… and deal with very busy workdays! With the help of this infographic, discover the (jam-packed) day-to-day life of a virtual HR assistant, split between three essential missions.
My Life as an HR Chatbot!
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Relieving the HR team by responding to frequently asked questions 24/7

Your chatbot’s first mission consists of responding to employees’ recurring questions. Whether it’s regarding the procedure for reserving a meeting room or the proper way to fill out an expense report, your virtual assistant has to know it all. Maybe even the cafeteria menu of the day! But it has the advantage of being on the job around the clock—morning, noon and night—because a chatbot never sleeps!

Supporting employees in day-to-day tasks

Your bot has to learn and enrich its response base regularly. This is essential in order for it to become one of your staff’s vital contact points for HR procedures, assisting them in their processes and their use of HR tools, updating their information, etc. Don’t underestimate its positive impact on the quality of work life!
The Chatbot Manager is responsible for training the virtual HR assistant. He or she modifies the chatbot’s parameters to keep up with the latest questions being asked by users and the latest regulations being implemented. Has there been a change in the collective agreement? Have legal requirements become stricter? Your chatbot has to be the first to know in order to effectively inform all of your team members and give them daily guidance and support.

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Representing the company externally

Your chatbot doesn’t only play an internal role: it also has to take care of external users, ensuring that your company enjoys an excellent image on recruitment websites and in the social media. It responds to applicant’s questions and even guides them through the application process. And tomorrow? Who knows? It might even become one of your company trainers!

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