Generation Y: Chatbots for Millennials?

Hyperconnected and over-informed, members of Generation Y have specific needs related to their use of new technologies. Self-service solutions such as Virtual Agents can meet their expectations and build loyalty.
Gen Y
Generation Y is at the center of marketing discussions. Also known as “Millennials” or “Digital natives”, their members were born between 1980 and early 2000. In 2025, they will constitute the majority of customers and business workers–about 75% of the global workforce. We can identify their expectations to better anticipate their needs.

An hyperconnected and impatient generation

Born with 24/7 access to the digital world, Generation Y puts new technologies at the center of their interactions; both personal and professional. Millennials are accustomed to absorbing information continuously, and expect instant gratification.
A recent study by The Intelligence Group (mentioned by Forbes), indicates that millennials prefer collaborative work environments rather than competitive, and require a lot of flexibility in their schedule. They are enlightened employees, looking for commitment. They need a workplace that integrates digital tools to meet their impatience: they must be able to obtain information, share or collaborate with a few clicks, anytime.
These requirements are also reflected in their expectations with respect to customer service. According to Steven Van Bellegen, Professor at Vlerick Business School and author of When Digital Becomes Human, 70% of modern consumers expect the company website to include a self-service application (View more).
Another research study from the Center For Generational Kinetics demonstrates that 77% of American millennials think that customer service should be available in a wide variety of communication styles and 40% of them prefer when interactions are offered via a screen rather than a in a person or on the phone. They also want to share their opinions and take into account those of others in order to make their choices.
Finally, as a “chat generation” always looking for entertainment, Generation Y is more comfortable with the image rather than text.

The Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA): 24/7 Service for demanding clients!

To anticipate the expectations of millennials, companies must rely on new technologies for their internal and external interactions. The Intelligent Virtual Agent, connected to the contact center for the most complex applications, allows for immediate responses to requests for support at any time, based on company knowledge bases.
The interaction with an intelligent avatar offers a fun experience, interactive and intuitive… one that is very adapted to this audience looking for a “fun experience.”

An influential generation that can be seduced

The challenge is substantial because members of Generation Y are very influential. According to the 8095 Exchange study, 74% of them think they influence the purchase decisions of peers and those in other generations. If they have a bad experience, they do not hesitate to take their business elsewhere and share their bad experience with others on social networks.
Living Actor™ provides companies with innovative solutions and guidance to implement and adapt internal and external communication to Generation Y. By anticipating their needs and responding to them, it becomes then possible to attract and retain members of Generation Y.