On May 25th, 2018 the European Union tightened its requirements for the protection of personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reinforces the rights of individuals and the obligations of organizations that collect and process such data.

In accordance with the EU Regulations 2016/679 regarding the protection of information of a personal nature (hereafter “The Regulations”) LIVING ACTOR is at times responsible for the processing of data collected for its website Livingactor.com (hereafter “the Site”) or during final commercial steps; at times it acts as subcontractor in the context of services offered for client accounts.

For the totality of these elements, LIVING ACTOR is committed to respecting the rules and regulations defined by The Regulations.


Terms and Conditions

The client or site user is notably informed that the personal information he entrusts to LIVING ACTOR is necessary either for the realization of services for the Client or services related to Site performance and is strictly destined for the LIVING ACTOR department responsible for said services.

LIVING ACTOR is committed to doing no commercial market research with information collected during services or transmitted through the Site, except when given informed, intentional, prior permission.

The terms and conditions of LIVING ACTOR operations in the context of Client services are clarified within the general sales conditions of LIVING ACTOR or within the contract duly signed between the Client and LIVING ACTOR.

The terms of processing executed on the Site are as follows:

The pursued aims are:

  • A contract form: All gathered information will be dealt with based on consent from the concerned person.
  • The LIVING ACTOR solution through a self-service platform. The terms of this process are specified within the general conditions of use of the platform.
  • The provision of a cookie facilitating User navigation and permitting certain essential Site functions. The Cookie policy is defined in the section COOKIES of the current confidentiality policy. It is reconfigurable at any moment via an embedded pop-up module that allows the User to manage his privacy settings.

Personal information processed by the Site consists of :

the last name, first name, and email address of a given person. Any other information provided in the open spaces of the contact form or of the request for a demonstration will not be anticipated by LIVING ACTOR. Nevertheless, this information will be subject protection like that given to requested or required information.

The categories of concerned persons are :

all people hoping to benefit from information or the services of LIVING ACTOR by using the Site (except for minors outside of the regular professional customers envisioned by LIVING ACTOR.)

The length of conservation of information varies depending on the pursued aims:

  • For the contact form and request for a demonstration, the transmitted information will be conserved for (two) 2 years starting from its collection, except in cases of ulterior commercial relations
  • For cookies, except in the case of an anticipated request for deletion, the information will be automatically deleted after one (1) year.

Rights of concerned persons

 The user benefits from a right to access, rectification, deletion and portability of any information that concerns him by reaching out:

Your messages should contain the subject “GDPR : Rights on my personal data” as well as proof of ID of the concerned person.

In accordance with the same chapter, the user must also oppose the use of his information as the object of processing. Outside of a contractual relation, the consent given for the processing of information can be revoked at any time by the concerned person. Exercising one’s rights in this manner is done via the previously mentioned contact details (mailing address and email address) and with the same stipulations.

LIVING ACTOR also informs the User or Client that he or she has the right to reclamation and reparation if, in the processing of his information, he considers himself wronged by said processing. The Site encourages the consultation of the CNIL website for more information on this subject.


The realization and maintenance of the Site are directly ensured by LIVING ACTOR and accommodation for the Site is undertaken by the OVH (hereafter “the Subcontractor”) on behalf of LIVING ACTOR. 

LIVING ACTOR confirms having studied and chosen the Subcontractors based on their level of protection of personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations. The Subcontractors are committed, as is LIVING ACTOR, to respecting the requirements of the Regulations and to permitting LIVING ACTOR to meet its legal requirements concerning the rights of concerned persons by any means.

The Subcontractors are also committed to not processing personal information without information and prior approbation from LIVING ACTOR. LIVING ACTOR takes responsibility therefore for the verification of an existing level of protection of personal information equivalent to that which it applies and requires for its Subcontractors under this ulterior subcontractor. This right of inspection constitutes a determining and essential element of subcontractor contracts with LIVING ACTOR.

LIVING ACTOR and its subcontractors are uniformly committed to ensuring that personal information collected during Services and on the Site always be processed and kept within the European Union.


Living Actor installs functional cookies on the visitor’s computer.

 A cookie does not allow LIVING ACTOR to identify the visitor. In general terms, it saves information relative to computer browsing on the present Site (web pages consulted by the visitor, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) that is subsequently available during ulterior visits. In this case it contains information provided by the Site User.

On its Site, LIVING ACTOR uses wordpress Google Analytics cookies.

LIVING ACTOR informs the User that he can oppose the saving of cookies by changing his module pop-up settings on the Site livingactor.com. Only cookies required for basic site functions cannot be suppressed by the User.

If the Site User refuses cookies labeled as “functional”, he recognizes that the services and operations of the website may not function correctly.

Additionally, LIVING ACTOR clarifies with the User that if he wishes to oppose data collection by cookies, he is able to do so by reconfiguring his browser (ex: in the “tools” menu of Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Explorer). Most browsers provide related instructions in the “Help” section of the tool bar.


Other Questions?

We are particularly sensitive to data protection and we take the utmost care in designing our software, in our internal procedures and in training our teams so that you can benefit from our services in complete safety and compliance with the regulation.

For any other request related to the confidentiality of the data, do not hesitate to contact our data privacy officer at DPO@livingactor.com