Follow-up on the 2018 Aurexia Consulting AI Awards

On June 19, Living Actor had the pleasure of receiving an Aurexia Consulting AI Award in the area of Finance, specifically in the Retail Banking category. We’re following up on the event with the participation of Aurexia cofounder Eric Vernhes.

Brief history of Aurexia Consulting

For more than 10 years, Aurexia Consulting has been guiding and supporting companies in the financial sector in their digital transformation, organization, finance and risk, and compliance projects. The team, consisting of nearly 140 consultants specializing in banking, finance and insurance, is spread out over various international offices, located in Paris, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong. According to Vernhes, the company’s Aurexia FinLab enables them to tackle smart automation projects, blockchain initiatives and artificial intelligence.

The event: the Aurexia Consulting Awards

This year, in France, there were no large-scale AI-related events devoted to artificial intelligence in financial services. That’s why Aurexia decided to organize an event in the form of an Awards ceremony in June of 2018, focusing in particular on the influential key “French Tech” players in the area of AI.
The challenge? To strengthen networking between professionals in the fields of financial services, investment funds and research, and the consultants at Aurexia Consulting. The idea was to evaluate AI projects in a pragmatic fashion, according to various facets of the Banking, Finance and Insurance industry: skill management, data analysis, guidance in the choice of solutions, impact on the customer experience or internal processes, etc.
As Vernhes explains, they used an internal scoring system to rank more than 500 software publishers and start-up companies throughout the world, about a hundred of which have business activities in France. For the event, they selected the 12 participants that pitched the best case studies before a jury of professionals. The Aurexia Consulting Awards also provided an opportunity for a passionate debate among financial service experts who were led to work on artificial intelligence, Paris Dauphine University, the Finance Innovation competitive cluster and the French Banking Authority, the ACPR.

Living Actor rewarded

During this event, Living Actor received an AI Award in recognition of our expertise in artificial intelligence and chatbots. Vernhes affirms that they were very happy that Living Actor was distinguished in the Retail Banking category and that the jury especially appreciated the pedagogical dimension of the demonstration of a virtual assistant combined with a bot, as well as the solution’s capacity for industrialization.

The award received by Living Actor at Aurexia Consulting AI Awards

The award received by Living Actor at Aurexia Consulting AI Awards

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A solution that’s in tune with market expectations

Executive Vice President of Living Actor Emmanuel Amouretti explains that our clients overwhelmingly embrace the Living Actor chatbot solution because our methodology enables us to bring very innovative projects to fruition, while guaranteeing a very human, pragmatic approach to these new forms of semi-automated customer relations. However, he goes on to emphasize that behind every chatbot is a team of company experts ready to provide customers with any additional assistance they may require.

Aurexia AI Awards

Presentation of the trophy in the Retail Banking category at the 2018 Aurexia AI Awards

A new event in the area of artificial intelligence and the financial sector, the Aurexia Consulting Awards provide an opportunity for the movers and shakers in the industry to build their networks, face a jury of professionals to gain a broader perspective and, as a result, enhance their development. It doesn’t get much better than that! So, can we expect to see you at next year’s awards?

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