Are Chatbots the New Eldorado of Innovation Officers?

A symbol of digital transformation and innovation, conversational robots have resolutely entered the business world… The deployment of a conversational agent mobilizes the entire staff around a project combining innovation, business goals and ROI. Chatbots offer both financial and strategic opportunities. A goldmine for innovation officers.

Chatbots: the key to an innovative business

Innovation officers are constantly searching for innovative solutions to meet the needs of their teams, the demands of their operations and the financial goals of their company.
Chatbots correspond perfectly to all three challenges. Innovation officers have quickly recognized that their advantages—technological revolution, compatibility with business goals and profitability—represent a golden opportunity. It isn’t a matter of vague theory or abstract doctrine: a conversational agent is a concrete subject, a tool that’s put in direct contact with the user in order to respond to tangible needs.

When chatbots offer opportunities
The implementation of a virtual assistant on the Banque Populaire website made it possible for the group to achieve a 30 percent increase in their transformation rate!

Chatbots: the driver of internal dynamics

ROI, innovation, dynamism… Chatbots are a driving force for your company! But their impact isn’t only financial. Innovation officers also see them as optimal tools for analyzing the needs of teams, optimizing internal processes and improving performance.

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Chatbots can serve as a veritable catalyst for company dynamics. The secret behind this group dynamic is chatbots’ ability to challenge professions. Through precise analysis and reporting, your virtual assistant can detect stumbling blocks and escalate the feedback of all of your teams. Capable of responding concretely to various contexts of use and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals, chatbots are the key to the success of ambitious innovative projects.
If 79 percent of all companies plan to implement a chatbot between now and 2020,¹ it’s because virtual agents, unlike artificial intelligence, are a concrete tool whose time has come. Bots respond to precise business needs: a veritable boon for innovation officers… Provided that they’re fully assigned to the specific challenges of the business!


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