Chatbots, IVAs: What they bring to the “employee experience”

The increasing use of chatbots is an indication of the beginning of a digital revolution in customer relations. Living Actor™ supports companies in this big change by allowing them to improve the user experience of their employees!
Live Operators-Virtual Agent

Chatbots penetrate the digital transformation of customer service

The world of intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) has been in the news in recent weeks. It seems that all major players (Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) rely on chatbots, and the intelligent, conversation-based services that they can offer users. Chatbots, initially created years ago, have long been marginalized, but now have the means to revolutionize relations between companies and their clients.
This rise of artificial intelligence in customer relations results in a change of the “employee experience” that for some was initially a source of concern. For example, the arrival of Watson artificial intelligence developed by IBM, to assist the Crédit Mutuel bank agents raised many concerns, including with the trade unions, who feared eventual job losses.

Living Actor™ helps companies and their employees in this transformation

Living Actor™ has long understood the concerns associated with this digital revolution, and has helped companies and their employees in this transition for years. The establishment of an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) requires Living Actor™ to work closely with marketing teams and enterprise centers for customer relations.
For Benoit Morel, CEO of Living Actor™ “The goal is not to replace people, it’s just to do all the low-value actions,” he said in an interview with The Ringer journal – The Bot Next Door: What the Helper Revolution Means for You.
Living Actor™ combines Interactive Virtual Agents with the work of Live Operators. For example, a Living Actor™ IVA is available to end-users at any time and provides immediate responses to most common questions. It automates processes such as authentication or the creation of support tickets, thereby freeing operators of these low-value tasks and allowing them to focus on more complex inquiries. Live Operators can become more proactive in offering their services when needed. Aided by the IVA’s rich, scalable knowledge base, Live Operators can focus on building their own expertise and improving customer assistance. Thus Living Actor™ technology provides increased customer satisfaction by generating a significant return on investment satisfaction, and boosting the “employee experience.”

What can we expect from Chatbots and IVAs in the future?

The automation of services provided by intelligent virtual agents can increase team performance and actively improve the overall performance of a company, as well as facilitate its expansion into the digital revolution. This rise of chatbots illustrates the importance of this transformation in business. Although about half of today’s occupations will no longer exist by 2050, we will discover new jobs, new services, and new technologies in the digital world that will be linked to artificial intelligence systems.
Transformation into the digital world isn’t a question of if, it’s a question of how fast.’”, claims Gene Hall, CEO at the Gartner Symposium.