Chatbot at the heart of the Stratégie Clients Trade Show

From April 18th – 20th the Stratégie Clients Trade Show will be held in Paris. It is a trade show dedicated to an increasing number of varied and sophisticated solutions which forge the bonds between businesses and their clients.
Chatbot Strategie Client
One of the major themes at the trade show will be synchronous customer relations. These relations are built on the ability to respond in real time to the requests and needs of the clients. Today, response speed is the gauge that always-connected clients will use to evaluate client relations.
Chatbot, a solution for intelligent interaction, is adapted specifically to this requirement of immediacy.

A client browsing, a chatbot responding

Chatbot, a robot entirely devoted to its task, finds responses in real-time, provided that it was previously taught the responses. Otherwise, it will know how to reorient the question to the proper experts. It’s ability to cover a vast field of questions and the immediacy of its reaction makes for an ideal solution in terms of synchronous customer relations. It can immediately transform a basic interaction into the beginning of confidence and a truly strong customer relationship.

Chatbot, a strategic tool

Chatbot, an interface that stimulates user-friendliness and reinforces ties, is also an effective instrument for building a business’s customer relations strategy. Its ability to provoke a sense of nearness can facilitate user knowledge. This reassuring link will help to better identify the client and his expectations. The customer knowledge gained in this way will give the business ample material for better adapting their strategy.

Chatbot at the heart of the Statégie Clients Trade Show

Living Actor will be present at the Stratégie Clients Trade Show to show their solutions and latest innovations around their virtual agents, the chatbots. Living Actor solutions are distinguishable by the precise scripting of customer paths, the comprehension engendered from natural language, and the placement of avatars and expressive and emotional dialogue interfaces.

The Living Actor chatbot, a complete dialogue interface for total satisfaction.

With Living Actor, exchanges become multi-channeled and intelligent. It is truly a “full dialogue” interface. The bot opens communication on all of the various customer channels, like Facebook instant Messenger or via the business’s mobile application. The chatbot can grow more knowledgeable in real time thanks to its connection to the business’s web services: CRMs, product and service catalogs, request management tools, etc.
Living Actor chatbots give a whole new dimension to customer relations, a dimension where the immediacy, the pertinence of dialogue, and accessibility help to build confidence and a strong bond with the customer.