An Intelligent Virtual Agent to Support Employees: Millennium BCP Case Study

Millennium BCP use of Living Actor ™ dramatically improves the quality of service while reducing support calls by 30%:
MillA-Virtual Assistant
Millennium BCP is the largest private financial institution in Portugal. With over 660 branches throughout the country, the bank employs more than 7,400 people.

The Need

Millennium BCP’s employees directed more than 20,000 calls per month to “SOS Rede,” the banking support center for issues related to employees’ execution of daily tasks, especially dealing with their clients. Users expect accurate and immediate answers. “We wanted a solution capable of transmitting information to our network without the need to call the help desk. says Victor Soares, Director of User Support SOS Rede.

The Solution

Millennium BCP chose the Living Actor ™ solution to deploy an intelligent virtual agent (IVA), called MillA to assist employees. MillA is directly available on the employees’ computers 24/7 to answer all of their questions via her knowledge base that is regularly updated by the SOS Rede team. MillA understands requests and immediately provides an answer or directs users to her colleagues in the support center. MillA was first deployed in a few of the bank’s branches in March 2015 before an institution-wide rollout to Millennium BCP’s entire network in June of the same year.

The Results

After 9 months of operation, MillA managed more than one thousand daily conversations and reduced the number of calls to SOS Rede by 30%. Thanks to MillA, the quality of the service improved significantly from 70% to 85%.

Feedback and Next Steps

With a return on investment achieved in just 6 months and great service quality indicators, MillA has become the favorite media channel for Millennium BCP teams. “We are very pleased with this solution because it has greatly reduced calls to SOS Rede and is very well accepted by our employees of the commercial network. MillA also has a very effective notification system to inform the teams about problems or new products, without the employees having to search or make a call.” says Victor Soares. Today MillA is an integral part of the team.
In the future, the SOS Rede team wants to increase MillA’s support missions on the entire Intranet site—and perhaps even offer a dedicated MillA mobile App.