Discover the Alliance for Open ChatBot Project!

With the goal of harmonizing the various conversational agent solutions developed for company use, Living Actor has teamed up with other leading chatbot specialists. The result is the Alliance for Open ChatBot, aimed at making the diversity of chatbots compatible and interconnecting them through a standardized API. Let’s take a closer look.

An association of specialists in the Alliance for Open ChatBot Project

These specialists, who usually work independently in the development of conversational agents, have chosen to move forward hand in hand. Together, they have launched the Alliance for Open ChatBot Project for purposes of harmonizing chatbot solutions through a standardized API. The goal? For the bots to be able to interact and communicate with each other, even if they were developed by different companies.
To accomplish this, the Alliance for Open ChatBot has brought together the top five developers of chatbot solutions in France: Living Actor, Kwalys, Do You Dream Up, Kynapse and Synapse. Kwalys CEO Katya Lainé will serve as President of this organization, formed in accordance with the 1901 Association Act.
The resulting open-source API will take the form of a metabot, responsible for orchestrating the various solutions.

A metabot for compatibility

The Alliance for Open ChatBot aims to respond to the challenge presented by the diversity of chatbot solutions available in the French market.
The growing interest in conversational agents on the part of companies everywhere has resulted in the emergence of numerous players, each offering a solution developed on the basis of a different technology. This markedly heterogeneous ecosystem has proven problematic for those companies wishing to implement multiple solutions: being incompatible, the solutions are unable to interact with each other.
The proposed metabot will therefore be in charge of desegregating the chatbot solutions and integrating them into a homogenous ecosystem. It will be able to respond more effectively to user questions as a result of more powerful collective intelligence gathered through an exchange of data and features, all without threatening the diversity of the proposed tools!
Living Actor is fully committed to the Alliance for Open ChatBot Project, working alongside the other partners. Follow the Association’s Twitter feed to keep up with all the latest news!

Crédit photo : Alliance for Open Chatbot