Make your
team’s work
life easier.

Our chatbot immediately answers most frequent questions, informs 24/7 your employees, assists your HR experts and boosts your performance.

Support IT

Offer 100%
automated support
for Service Desk

Your chatbot, IT / business expert reduces your support cost and provides an interactive, fun and personalized experience for employees.

Customer relations

Customize the customer experience of your web visitors

Your chatbot rides along with your Web visitor during their online journey and gives the visitor access to information that assists in making an informed decision and purchase.

They have already adopted a Living Actor chatbot

Give life to your bot

An Avatar
that looks like you

A true virtual employee with emotions and a voice, the avatar humanizes the interaction for a natural and effective conversation. It is also a real ambassador of your identity and branding.

cutting-edge technology

Living Actor combines the best of natural language processing (NLP), voice and AI in an open, interactive and intuitive platform that you drive in a few clicks.

Multibase knowledge management

Your chatbot is the central point for your audience keeping the entire knowledge of your company: business processes, expert or regulatory knowledge, FAQ. Manage your knowledge directly in Living Actor … or using our APIs !

for your

The performance and efficiency of your chatbot is our priority. That is why your Living Actor project manager advises and assists you for a custom implementation until the success of your chatbot in the field.

Our customers talk about their chatbot

« Thomas is the result of a 7-year effort to deploy new technologies and provide artificial intelligence to the customer relationship and support call center ». Frédéric Lenoir

Marketing, Communication and Innovation Director, Natixis Interépargne

« Living Actor technology is highly customizable. This enables us to offer our clients chatbots that are perfectly aligned with their image and their needs. This is essential if you want users to embrace your chatbot ! » Véronique Montamat

Director of Marketing and Communications, SOPRA HR

« CloE has enabled us to ramp up our capacity to support our end-users, while freeing up time for the support teams to handle the more complex cases. » Marc Aubry

Director of Change Management, IT-CE

« We wanted our chatbot to have a light-hearted and fun image that evokes feelings of modernity and friendliness. We wanted to have an appealing image that encourages the customer to interact with him.» Steve Livingstone

President and CEO, AHA INSURANCE

Let’s share our resources and best practices

What are the criteria for adopting a successful chatbot?

What are the criteria for adopting a successful chatbot?

While the idea of conversing with a machine might have seemed surprising or even absurd a few years ago, today this practice has become fully democratized at work and at home. However, not all chatbots are created equal, and not only because of the artificial...

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From Eliza to a “smart” chatbot in 2020

From Eliza to a “smart” chatbot in 2020

Even though they were democratized in 2015, when Facebook launched its API for creating chatbots, virtual assistants had already existed for (a very) long time, with Eliza as early as the mid-60s. Eliza was not technically a "chatbot", but rather a computer program...

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Igins: The Virtual Broker at Aha Insurance

Igins: The Virtual Broker at Aha Insurance

Aha Insurance provides a robust fully digital platform enabling Canadians in Ontario seeking insurance the ability to get an auto or home insurance quote. The user experience is enhanced by a friendly and intuitive chatbot created and supported by Living Actor. In...

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